Strategic alignment


Otoya Consulting offers a personalized human approach towards sustainable performance through the development of behavioural competencies and consulting on strategic alignment of projects in an environmental and social context.

Our work is based upon our knowledge in emotional intelligence, and a strong experience in management and leadership, human resources, and psychology. We are focused on maximizing personal and professional potential.

We help people to move from ideas to behaviours while promoting coherent actions providing a sense of satisfaction and performance. We believe being a confident leader is not something you’re born with, it can be learned and developed.


Otoya is the name of the second arrow pulled by the Kyudo artist, the way of the bow, a martial art considered in Japan as one of purest Budo. « If you want to live in harmony with heaven and earth, which is the way of kyudo, do not try to attain the goal.  Do not seek the pleasure of reaching the goal – take the path which unites body and soul » said Anzawa Sensei, a famous and highly skilled Japanese Kyudo sensei.